My New Book: "K-I-S-S IT!"



My new book, "K-I-S-S IT!", contains simple effective creative solutions for many of society's problems. The solutions are based on the principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid (K-I-S-S)

This unconventional book is a must-read for every politician, every CEO and small business owner, every entrepreneur, every activist, every caring adult, and every sane voter. 

Here's a sample


I was watching a news story about the dramatic increase in homeless people in Los Angeles County. This is due to many factors, including high rents (average $2,500 a month) and home costs (the median price is over $700,000). There are over 65,000 people who are homeless in the L.A. area. Many homeless people live in tents. Or cardboard boxes. Most of the increase in homelessness involves minorities; blacks and Hispanics/Latino.

California’s state budget for homeless programs is over $7 billion. Local government spends as much as $800,000 a year for each homeless person in Los Angeles. $800,000 a year??? Are you kidding me? The government of Los Angeles is spending $800,000 a year per homeless person? That is a RIDICULOUS amount to money for a city or county to spend on homeless - without solving the homeless problem!

Let's use our head (and common sense) and do this: my KISS Solution

If it costs $800,000 a year for each homeless person, Los Angeles should just pay each homeless person $75,000 a year and let the homeless get themselves off the streets! And the local government could SAVE over $700,000 a year per homeless person!

As the average salary in Los Angeles is currently about $70,000, being homeless would pay better than working!

That is my KISS Solution for homelessness. Problem solved. It can also be applied to other cities throughout America. And the world.

Homelessness? K-I-S-S IT!

That's just one of the many K-I-S-S Solutions in the book.

"K-I-S-S IT!"

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If you have no sense of humor, are hypersensitive or easily offended, or are allergic to common sense and reality, you may not enjoy this book thus you might want to refrain from reading it and/or commenting on it.

 About Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is a former Wall Street money market trader who, in his later years, became a life improver, and the published author of more than 20 nonfiction books, books that help people improve their lives fast. He is also a blogger (Stu Pitt Stuff), and has been posting since 2009. 

With his K-I-S-S IT! book the author continues his life purpose; to help people improve their lives fast, and, with this book, to make the world a better and happier place, now. 

Based on his age, experience, common sense, wisdom, creativity and humor, you might consider him one of the best problem solvers in the world :)

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